1. This is the 'unfiltered' animal list
2. Select the 'Filter' icon from the tab bar.
3. Select the filters you want. You can type into the search box to find filters as there are a lot! Here, we have typed 'Wit' to find 'In Withdrawal Period' filter. We have then selected it and also 'Sheep' so that we have two active filters. When done, press 'Cancel' next to the search bar to to hide the keyboard.
4. When the keyboard has gone. Double check the filter screen is as you expect. Here we see a filter set up for 'Sheep' and 'In Withdrawal Period'. Notice the red badge saying '2' on the filter icon at the bottom of the page. This means there are now two active filters.
5. Finally, press 'Animals' on the tab bar to see all the animals that satisfy the two active filters. Note that the page title now reads 'Filtered' and the red badge on the filter icon on the tab bar shows how many filters are active.

To clear the filters either drag down and release OR press 'All' in the tool bar below 'Search'.