Version 11.0 onwards, iLivestock supports the TruTest XRS2 and SRS2 Stick readers.

It is very important to ensure the stick reader is in the correct mode BEFORE first pairing it with your iPhone/iPad.

1. From the main screen select 'Settings'

2.Then select 'Bluetooth'

3. Scroll down to 'Advanced' then select (picture on left)

4. Make sure 'Connect Mode' is [Default]. If it is not, select it and change it.


If you do connect in HID mode, the XRS2/SRS2 will prevent the keyboard showing on your iPhone/iPad when it is connected (iOS thinks you have a Bluetooth keyboard connected). The solution to this, from TruTest is as follows:

This is an issue between the iPhone and the XRS2.  Occasionally the iPhone mistakenly believes that the XRS2 is a Bluetooth HID keyboard.

To fix:
•             Ensure the XRS2 is connection mode is "Default", not "HID":  Settings > Bluetooth > Advanced > Connect mode > Default
•             Reset the iPhone settings using:  Settings > General > Reset > "Reset All Settings"
•             The iPhone will reboot (note this does not lose your data on the phone)