You will pair and register eWeigh with your “Master Device”, please see the above section on “iLivestock Platform” for details. To complete the eWeigh registration process you will need to ensure you device has an internet connection. 


To complete eWeigh registration, please follow the below steps:

  1. Within iLivestock, go to the “Admin” section and select “Quick Record” 
  2. Select “eWeigh” and then “eWeigh Registration” 
  3. When prompted turn on your eWeigh and then select “OK” to cancel the pop-up message 
  4. Your eWeigh registration details will be automatically pulled through from your device. Once this has happened, click on the blue “Register eWeigh” button to complete the registration process.
  5. A pop-up message will be displayed confirming a successful registration. 


Once the eWeigh device has been successfully registered, return to the main “eWeigh” screen and select “eWeigh” to begin configuration of your weighing session. Upon selecting this option, the bar at the top of the screen should turn green indicating a “live” connection with both eWeigh and the Agrident stick reader. The following selections should then be confirmed:

  • Speed or Accuracy – Confirm whether you would like the system to swiftly calculate a stable weight or prioritise accuracy. We normally recommend “balanced” as being a good default for most activities.
  • Weigh Bar/Load Cell Configuration – Confirm which connectors on the eWeigh device are connected to your load bar/s. 
  • Species Being Weighed – Confirm whether you are weighing “Sheep” or “Cattle”. This selection is important as it optimises the system’s performance and also ensures that when adding animals to the system for the first time while weighing, they are assigned the correct species. 
  • Weigh Bar Type – Select the make/model of load bar which you are using. Please note that the option labelled “Tru-Test MP600” should be used for all “Tru Test Multipurpose” load bars. 


Once the above selections have been confirmed, select “Go Weigh” to get started. Please note that when you select “Go Weigh” you should ensure that your handling system does not contain an animal and/or that you are not inadvertently applying a load to the system by leaning on it. This is important as eWeigh auto zeros upon start up. Once you have a zero within the live weight feed and the configuration is displayed, then you are ready to start weighing. 


Extras Tips:


  • Make sure your eWeigh has not paired to another device. If you have multiple devices you pair your eWeigh to and the other device is in range and switched on, the eWeigh may have automatically paired to that device! Make sure that no other devices that the eWeigh has been paired with are in range and on!


  • In iLivestock, go to Admin->EID Readers and select Scan BLE with the eWeigh ON.


  • If it is not detected, on the iOS device, go to Settings->Privacy->Bluetooth and check that the switch is ON for iLivestock. Try again.