If you are having trouble importing large groups of EID numbers into iLivestock then please follow the below steps to solve it.  The issue is coming from the Agrident reader settings and the only way to fix it is to to change some setting on the reader.

1) On a Windows Laptop go to  https://agrident.com/support/download-manuals-and-software/ and download the AW300 or AWL 200.

2) Once you have installed the program then please select " Reader Settings Options".

3) At this stage plases tick the box that says " Show All Settings" - As seen in picture below:

4) Press OK and go back to " Reader Settings" , the select Bluetooth from the list and go down to "Bluetooth Baudrate" and select 38400.

REMBER PRESS "UPLOAD" once you have done this!

5) Connect your reader back up to your smartphone and all should be well :)