We are aware of an issue on iPad's only that sometimes stops the "ShareSheet" seen below from appearing. This means you will struggle to export your infomation via email.  It's a known issue with Apple's IOS 13 system so in version 13.0 of iLivestock we have included a work around.

How to fix this issue:

1. Open Settings on your iPad bt tapping on the "Settings App" on the iPad.

2. Once open scroll the left side bar down till you see the iLivestock App, select this and and the right hand side of your screen will fill up with infomation regarding iLivestock. On the right hand screen scroll down to the bottom.

3. At the bottom of this screen you will see an option that says " Use Mail Not Sharesheet", please make sure the switch is marked as on.  The resulting action will mean the iLivestock application will use the "Mail App" on the iPad to send your emails.

4. Now make sure your Mail App is setup with your email account, please follow this link that shows how to do this :)