New Features & Changes

1. Organic Animal Selection

As per user request, we've implemented a new feature that means you can mark your livestock as organic.

Marking an animal as organic will automatically double the withdrawal date for all medication records.


As shown below, 25 days is for non organic, and the 50 days has been calculated for organic livestock.

2. Tab Bar Changes (eWeigh & Allflex Tagbox)

You'll now find the eWeigh tools on the main tab next to Admin.

And the Allflex Tagbox in the Admin tab.

3. New Export Function 

We've included a new exporting function that creates a more efficient format for your ID numbers that will show in multiple columns, instead of one long column.

4. Editing An Animal Record

We've shortened the process of editing your livestock records by removing the edit button, simply just press the info button and you can now edit.

The old way:

The new way:

5. Tag Import Files

When a tag import file has been added to iLivestock, the new unassigned tags will now show in the 'New Tags' tab on the Animals screen - instead of being automatically added as cattle. If you need help doing this, click here for a step by step guide.

6. Support for new AWR250

We've added support for the new Agrident AWR250 stick reader.