Prior to pairing your Agrident stick with iLivestock, you will need to make the following changes to the factory default settings on the stick reader. These settings are accessed from the “Menu” featurewith the up and down arrows then used to navigate through the menus and the green button usedto select the appropriate option:

A. Set Bluetooth Mode to BLE:

1. Select “Menu”
2. Select “Setup”
3. Select “Interface Setup”
4. Select “Bluetooth”
5. Select “Set BT Profile”
6. Select “BLE” and confirm selection by pressing the green button.


B. Increase default “Switch Off Time” to 60 minutes:

a. Select “Menu”
b. Select “Setup”
c. Select “Display”
d. Select “Set Switch Off Time”
e. Use the up arrow to increase the switch off time to the maximum allowed and confirm selection with green button.

Once the above actions have been completed and ensuring your Agrident stick reader is turned on,follow the below actions to pair with iLivestock on your Master Device:

1. Within iLivestock, go to the “Admin” section and select “EID Readers”.
2. Select “Scan BLE”, this will place your device in to search mode.
3. Your Agrident stick reader will emit an audible tone once it is connected to iLivestock as well
as displaying an “iLivestock Connected” message. The bar along the top of the application
will change from having no colour to a light blue indicating that a stick reader has been
successfully paired.