iLivestock can store animal relationships to build up a family tree over many generations. The links are defined in one of two places:

  1. The animal core information view or
  2. The breeding editing screen (sire)

The form fields that define a relationship can completed in two ways:

  1. Type whatever you want (use this when the linked animal is NOT in the iLivestock database)
  2. Press the '(+)' icon or 'From iLivestock' buttons next to the input field (then choose from list)

Use option 1. above ONLY if the animal is NOT in iLivestock. This option is for recording animals not in iLivestock, e.g. a sire you do not own or AI from another source.

Use option 2. to link the animals in your database together.  

When looking at identification numbers, iLivestock adds (E) for an EID number and (V) for a visual number. The letter in brackets is NOT part of the number but simply tells you which number you are seeing.

IMPORTANT: If you type into a sire/dam/grand sire/grand dam box the will be NO LINK to any other data. It is simply a note!

If the linked animal is in iLivestock, always use 'From iLivestock' or (+) to keep your data linked correctly.